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This year's Golden Sweet x Bijou F3 hybrid pea plants produced something very close to my goal; a large-podded yellow mangetout pea variety. Most of the plants produced yellow pods, some were large and some small, but all were wonderfully fibreless and delicious.Read more... )

My new pea hybridising experiment is also going well. Shiraz x Golden Sweet F1 plants were everything I was expecting; tall plants producing purple-coated pods which faded to green; purple A is co-dominant with green a. The pods were also fibrous and tough; Shiraz isn't a true mangetout variety because its pods become leathery as they mature. SxGS presented me with over 200 seeds; enough for a small autumn growout this year. In two pods I found some beautiful, dark purple peas that look almost black; now if I can stabilise that trait in a red-podded mangetout I'll have something really special!