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Two e-mails just arrived; apparently I've ordered some A3+ inkjet papers. That's strange because I don't have an inkjet printer, and at the time the e-mails arrived I was out of the house and away from the internet. The receipt and e-mails are genuine, so i'm assuming the company, or probably some picker/packer or a dispatch clerk, eager to get home, has entered an incorrect order number and dispatched the goods to me.

I've already e-mailed the company with the receipt and told them that I did not orfer £125 of goods from them, and I just telephoned and left a message on their answering machine (I hate those things!), so we'll see what happens next. I really don't think I've been impersonated at this stage, but it's a simple mistake at the company; after all any idiot can make a mistake... ;-)