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Chief Dump "In Yo Face" is a world renowned officer who won a lifetime achievement award in 1907 for his contributions to the police force. He is known for stopping the criminal "Fatface McGee" in 133 B.C. and saving the world from a ruined jam session. He is also known for his numerous appearances in television shows and movies, perhaps best known for his famous catchphrase, "what the POOP!" He died at the age of sewen in 29374 F.D. of a lard attack. His works and legacy are still recognized today.
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1 million b.c. was when the silver dragons first appeared on earth. when the first dragons appeared they were curious about everything. first thing they did was eat a sheep soon that became their main diet. when humans came along a few of the silver dragons were killed for being too big. but soon after that they learned English tongue. and tryed to make piece. but the humans refused. and killed them but they are a few that lived.

they are normally hardy breed. and don't share food. and there's nothing else.

there's lots of abilitys and i don't want to name them all.

what it looks like:
they are sliver. and they change as they grow by personality.


*Aww, bless the ickle Wikipedians :-) *
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Back in the olden times, before Jesus BC, people weren't born through intercourse. What they did, was get all the old people who were about to die, and when they were old and crinkly, they threw them into a pool of Holy Water. When they came out, they were babies, and apparently they flew.

However, The Sexy Commander invented sex as we know it today, because he is the Sexy Commander. He then discovered the physical effects of sex. He named it the Orgasm. God came to him one night, like Santa, and said that he liked the idea of sex, and wanted to buy the idea off him. His payment was eternal life, and to be forever attractive as THE most sexy man in the world. Everyone who sees him or hears him is instantly attracted to him, regardless of their sexual orientation.

God then started up the sex franchise, and to help promote it, he gave away free babies with every fertilisation. In honor of The Sexy Commander, he had the baby grow in the woman rather than the man, because men cannot handle pain.

Thus, The Sexy Commander is wonderful and hot.

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The alligonkey is a mythical cross-breed of an alligator and a monkey, sometimes referred to as a monkeygator. It was referenced on Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. It has been reported to be able to peel oranges.
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"The Broccoli King"

A little known theological term, hailing from 400 B.C. Central Asia, (translated from a 4 word phrase which initially did not mean "broccoli" king - but Lost Green Master - meaning green as in real [organic] but incomprehensible), is a perplexing topic most recently (mid 1800's) observed by a theologian from the northern most region of today's China (Mongolia being more probable) named Pang Xiong-Sing. There was supposedly a story of an "entity which described the essence of a thing unknown", "a way of being without having roots in reason or namesake". Variations of this "entity" have been mentioned in several arcane theologies and philosophies, but the reasoning for the translation of Broccoli King has little semblance with almost any of them. In several "Olde" belief systems, the same sort of deity/"embodied phenomenon" would be pointed out as the cause for any instance of indescribible or previously misunderstood occurance. Terms related have since been linked with: phantasm, Faerie, spectre, "visitor", and even, loosely, God.