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I've never been a confident public speaker, but I've just accepted a request to grovel pitch for funding for a project run by a group I'm involved with, whose remit is to help increase local food security, to which end it runs several local projects. One of these is a flower and produce show in August, which needs funding. We had a grant last year but we need ongoing support if the show is to run properly each year.Ah the memories... )

I'll be competing against three other worthy project and will have four minutes (i think) to win the audience's votes; I'm not confident at this point but I'll give it my best shot as long as I'm briefed properly; you know what they say, do something slightly challenging every day...


Update: We didn't win. Bugger!
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All six of the hybrid pea seeds from last year's pea cross-breeding experiment, Bijou x Golden Sweet, have germinated; touch wood I'll have my cross. I can't wait to see what they produce! I'm expecting:

Anthocyanin (red colouration) in the stems and leaf axils (dominant, both parents, confirmed),
Tall plants (dominant, both parents),
Green pods (dominant, one parent (yellow is recessive)),
Small pods (unsure whether it's dominant or recessive, one parent),
Edible (mangetout) pods (recessive, both parents),
Purple flowers (dominant, linked to Anthocyanin production, both parents).

My aim is a large, yellow-podded mangetout type, and I'm hoping the recessive genes I need to make those will express themselves in the next (F2) generation. The F1 plants should be genetically identical, so pod size and colour will be the signs that my jiggery-pokery has worked; if I get anything different from the above I'm just growing the parent varieties!