raspberryfool: (Gardening)
This year's strawberry crop, save for a few late stragglers, is now over. This weekend I was 'refreshing' the beds, which have become overgrown with wild violet, primrose, grasses and almost anything but strawberry plants! My dad introduced the violets, which add a splash of welcome colour in springtime, but the rest of the year just spread like wildfire and cover the plot in a inpenetrable blanket of weeds. I think he introduced the primroses too - they're the wild yellow species 'primula vulgaris', which have spread to various corners of the garden. Again these are very pretty in springtime but... well, you get the picture! I've been so impressed with the size and flavour of the fruit from the areas I where I refreshed last year that I've decided to do the whole lot!

After digging them plants, I set aside the strawberry plants, remove all the weeds from that area of soil, dig a small hole and mix in some 'growmore' fertiliser pellets with the soil. Then the plants are replaced, hopefully to grow with renewed vigour. I'm moving the primroses to the edges of the plot, where they can't interfere with the growth of the strawberry plants. I guess they'll stil provide havens for slugs and smails to hide under though - even gardeners can't have everything their own way!

So now I have the small bed to clear, after which i shall sit back, admire my work and dream of all those perfect, big, juicy strawberries I'll be harvesting next June...