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Yesterday I met up with Karen and Steve in the city, we went to Darling Harbour via the markets, an area I haven't yet really walked around. We had a drink and some lunch at D.H., then back to the hotel for a drink. It was so good to catch up - I'm off to see Linda this afternoon. I guess the others are too busy to meet up, but that's life, i came into their city and I can't expect everything to stop for my benefit.

Then in the evening, i went to Newtown for to see The Waifs for the first time in about seven years. The Enmore Theatre is a lovely old Art Deco theatre, very period. The last time was in Birmingham when I missed my train home... I was standing at the back, behind the seated audience. I really should have pre-bought my ticket, Was miffed that people were talking through the set - when you go to a gig you don't go to talk, you go to listen to the music. You wanna talk? Go outside!

The gig was awesome, the support was pretty hot too, and it's great to see that they can still draw the crowds and do their stuff. I bought a CD, was gonna get a T-shirt but decided my wallet was thin enough :-) A very enjoyable evening.
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I'm off to Newcastle today, with no solid plans beyond the two days I've booked there. Hopefully I'll be going onwards to Port Stephens, but that depends upon transport being available. I think there's a train service, so i'll see...

The public transport system in Sydney is so much better that that in the UK, especially in Northampton, that I wonder why we can't have the level of service in England. I suppose it's because there's been constant investment in the infrastructure and rolling stock, whilst in the UK we see penny-pinching and grumbling about the cost. What a contrast - the directors of First and Stagecoach should spend a few weeks out here and learn a few things!

So I'm off now, be good everyone. And if you can't be good, be careful. :-)
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I came home on Sunday evening and went to the freezer for some chicken. Then I noticed how decidedly unfrozen it was; not bad for something that's been sitting in minus something-or-other for a couple of months. So I investigated and found that, at some moment on Sunday, my fridge-freezer had given up the ghost. Oh yes, the light comes on and the motor hums and the fluids gurgle and plop inside it. But when it comes to actually freezing something - this baby's kicked the proverbial pail.

The thing is, it's only four years old. FOUR FRICKING YEARS OLD!!!!! I remember when fridge-freezers went on forever and became one huge block of ice if you failed to discover how flimsy the door selas had become. But for the thing to die after four years - gimme a break already!

So all of my fruit, veg and dead animal flesh has softened and thawed. Fortunately I was slowly emptying the freezer in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Australia. I'd neglected to shop at the weekend; had I done so I'd have bought frozen foods. Having talked to my sister, she'll take some of the meat, provided I cook it first. So tomorrow it's time to fire up the oven and roast that chicken, baby. And to arrange a repair bod to squint inside the cabinet and nod knowingly, make a drawn-out sucking noise and shake his head. Like yer do.

And luckily I still have the services of the Outdoor 'Fridge, which is fairly reliable at this time of year. The milk I bought yesterday is outside on the doorstep. Ah, winter is sometimes useful after all!
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A meme going around Facebook made me angry; it says "British government announce that they are going to give £60 MILLION to
Pakistan, We have Troops without proper equipment..... Yet we donate
millions to other countries before helping our own first...... 99% of people on facebook won't have the ...guts to copy and ...repost...this...!!!!!! WILL YOU, I thought charity began at home." Two of my contacts have posted it, and a third 'likes' it. Cut for rant )