raspberryfool: (The wind changed...)
...saw my long-awaited return to Oxford. I caught the train to Milton Keynes Central, where I scurried outside to find I'd just missed the bus, so I waited half an hour, paid a ridiculous £10:90 and sat back, enjoyed the scenery and some Sheryl Crow on the iPod. The countryside was typically 'rolling' South Midlands fare; not particularly interesting but pleasant nonetheless. I say 'rolling', but it was more like 'stretching and yawning', being just too lazy to roll. The fields looked quite parched, which is hardly surprising because we haven't had any decen rain since May.

As I left the bus station at Gloucester Green, I discovered I couldn't find my mobile telephone, so I rushed back the the stop where the bus was still taking on passengers for its return journey. I jumped back on, returned to the seat I'd occupied and looked along the floor and in between the seats but to no avail. 'Oh bugger', I thought as I thanked the driver. Then I searched my pockets again, and the bag in which i was carrying my waterproofs (it was threatening rain all day!) to find it nestling there in the botton. A sigh of relief and I went for my usual stroll about the city. Camera bag slung over my shoulder, I looked a typical tourist, but then so does everyone in Oxford in the summertime.

I took along two cameras, one my Chinon S.L.R. loaded with my last roll of soon-to-be-gone-forever Kodachrome and my Dad's 1938 Zeiss Ikonta loaded with Ilford FP4 +. It was the Ikonta I wanted to test out; the Chinon was only along for the ride, but passers-by didn't blink an eyelid as I opened its bellows and raised it to my eye. Try that in Northampton and you'd get 'Oooooh, that's an old camera. can you still get film for it?'. Something tells me the Oxfordians have seen it all before!

I took a stroll by the Thames (or 'Isis' as the Oxrodians call it!) and through the parkland, and fortunately when the rain did fall i was next to the various University boat sheds, which provided convenient shelter until it passed. So that was lucky!

In all, I enjoyed the afternoon; it was good not to have to rush and worry about getting back for the last bus to Northampton, but rather expensive on transport costs. But I'd certainly make that journey again, maybe in a few month's time.