raspberryfool: (Gardening)
So here we are in (almost) mid-autumn. I've been quite lazy with the garden this year, after having made all those grand plans back in the spring. But life and laziness got in the way and I basically couldn't be bothered with some things. Leek moth larvae had a field day with my leeks lazy year; the pests hatch as little grubs and munch their way through developing leeks, leaving a gooey mess of shredded leaves and frass. My attempt last year to grow cauliflowers ended in a similar fashion, so I decided not to bother planting either this year. They're both pest magnets and I couldn't be bothered with them.

I did manage to grow some red onions from sets i acquired at a local seed swap. They aren't huge but as a first attempt at growing them, I was quite pleased. The hybrid pea plants I planted made around 200 seeds, so i've planted ten with a view of getting an autumn crop; likewise the regular two varieties I grow. My peas did rather well this year, considering they were grown in a bed that usually turns into a brick in the summer and a quagmire in the winter. It's nice to find something that actually does well in that plot!

Potatoes have done fairly well, considering I planted them quite late. Also planted late were my tomato plants, which are finally bearing fruit in the WendyHaus. Also in summer I bought some cheap shallot sets so i'm trying those out near the raspberry canes.

I was seriously considering jacking it all in and grassing over my plots; but I decided against that; why, after all that effort, should I let nature have her way? So I'm toying with the idea of building myself a permanent polytunnel. I'll see how I feel after the winter's ravages and privations; if I still have the energy and drive by March I'll go ahead. So 2016 could be either great fun or a total disaster -- fate will decide, I'm sure!