raspberryfool: (Decorating)
I dug into the second row of March-planted Maris Piper potatoes today. I was hoping they'd be bigger than the ones I unearthed a few weeks ago, and surely I wasn't disappointed. But I wasn't that impressed either; they are consistently the size of, and slightly bigger than, hens' eggs. But the haulms died off a few weeks back, and I removed the remaining stalks, leaving just a little above the soil so I'd know where to dig, to ensure they didn't get blighted. I've read somewhere that tubers can increase in size even though the haulm is gone. The author was obviously lying!

I still have some surviving May-planted plants, whicvh I'll leave until late September before a trial-dig. My 'volunteers' in another bed are looking a picture of health; the dry summer has obviously knocked the blight for six as these, and my tomato plants, are blight-free and lovely. I wonder how long that state of affairs will last.

Meanwhile I've been raking moss from the back lawn again; this time I've sown fresh grass seed to replenish a small area. I expect every starling for miles will drop in for a free feed!