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I've never been a confident public speaker, but I've just accepted a request to grovel pitch for funding for a project run by a group I'm involved with, whose remit is to help increase local food security, to which end it runs several local projects. One of these is a flower and produce show in August, which needs funding. We had a grant last year but we need ongoing support if the show is to run properly each year.

Remember those local agricultural shows? There used to be one in my town until the local council decided, in its wisdom, to end it. I loved visiting the produce show with its range of fruits, veg, flowers and home-made goodies, all displayed in a marquee that smelt of trampled grass, rain-soaked coats and sweaty socks. The project has recreated the show at another outdoor event for the past two years. We've also run talks and cookery demonstrations, though we hope it doesn't smell of sweaty socks!

I'll be competing against three other worthy project and will have four minutes (i think) to win the audience's votes; I'm not confident at this point but I'll give it my best shot as long as I'm briefed properly; you know what they say, do something slightly challenging every day...


Update: We didn't win. Bugger!
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