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Here are a few images to illustrate my previous pea post:

pea plant shadows
This is the shadows of the young pea plants on my windowsill, March 2017.

Young pea plants on my windowsill, March 2017.

The pea plot in my garden, May 2017. F3 Hybrid plants (Golden Sweet x Bijou (GSxB)) plants are on the block of canes to the right; the others (left) are Bijou and Golden Sweet. Note the height of the hybrids in comparison with the others - wahey!

These GSxB flower buds will be open in a few days; note the creamy colour of the calyx (the pixie-hat bit), which indicates yellow pods will form.

Note the pink splodge in the centre of these leaves; this is typical of pea plants with "wild type" mauve flowers. Gorgeous aren"t they?

These are the F1 Golden Sweet x Shiraz (GSxS) plants; you can see the yellow stems of the GS I"ve accidentally mixed with them!

This is the stem of one GS plant mixed with the F1 GSxS hybrids; the tendrils are tinged with red and there"s the red splodge again; who could resist?

This is an F1 hybrid GSxs plant; note the absence of any yellow colouration in the tendrils, but the red splodge is still there.

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