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The hybrid pea plants, and the non-hybrid parent varieties, are rocketting away now. They're mostly around 4 feet tall now, and most are looking chunky and voluptuous. It's now easy to see which plants will have yellow pods; the tendrils and the veins in the developing top leaves are distinctly yellow. This is very helpful and allows me to decide which plants to save seeds from and which peas to scoff!

The 'Shiraz' x 'Golden Sweet' F1 plants are doing nicely too, though two of the ten are almost certainly the yellow-podded variety Golden Sweet, since they're showing the same yellow colouration noted above. The recessing gene responsible for yellow pods can't assert itself in the F1 plants, which should all have green or purple pods (I think purple is dominant over green); either I mixed up my seeds up or something very odd is occurring.

I know i promised pictures here, but I'm not sure how to work with them here; I'm guessing I'd need to post them externally. Maybe next time...

So my job tomorrow is to tie them into the canes again; a task I only did last week! meanwhile the garden is looking beautiful; lilac is out and smelling gogeous, strawberry flowers, primroses... I love early summer, though the weather feels less than summery at the moment!

Which reminds me: happy World Naked Gardening Day. I'll pass this year, thanks; I like my neighbours and I'd like to keep it that way. You're welcome! :-D

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6/5/17 10:38 (UTC)
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I upload photos to Flickr and then link to them from DW.

Well if it's very odd, then it's worth studying more.

Maybe some genes need an environmental trigger to be expressed?

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7/5/17 08:49 (UTC)
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Peas have big seeds. The odds of accidental contamination are relatively low.

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9/5/17 12:13 (UTC)
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Sigh! Four-foot high pea plants are something I'm never going to have. But I will have a go at growing more potatoes in a bigger pot and maybe I can find someone who can sell me a strawberry plant again. I actually had some in a hanging basket at one stage. You never get many, but the flowers are pretty and it's nice to have even one strawberry you grew yourself. My mother has had some in her garden - I think there are still plants there. When my nephews were small, they used to love finding and eating strawberrries in Nana's garden. (My younger nephew's children now enjoy picking apples from her tree). I've had daffodils, lobelias and impatiens on my balcony, even some roses before my Dad cut back the bush to make painting the balcony easier. It died. :-(