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I'd totally forgotten this abandoned effort from my filking days; though I doubt it would be acceptable now. Still, it gave me a slightly embarrassed giggle...

“Blake the Dead”
(tune: jake the Peg)

I’m Blake the Dead, diddle diddle diddle dum,
with some extra red, diddle diddle diddle dum.
Wherever I go on Gauda Prime
The folks will tell me just in time;
“There’s Blake the Dead, diddle diddle diddle dum,
With some extra red.

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25/4/17 08:27 (UTC)
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25/4/17 11:43 (UTC)
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Hi, I'm new to Dreamwidth and finding my way around. Not knowing what else to do, I typed in "filking" on the search and lo, I find a Blake's 7 fan! I haven't done any filking in years, but mine were Star trek ones. I did have a couple of recordings of the wonderful late Linda Short singing B7 filks, though.

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1/5/17 08:00 (UTC)
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Well, she was a penpal of mine and one year she sent me a filk tape she'd made especially for me for Christmas saying she couldn't be sure I didn't have anything else! ;-) I burned it to CD. A lovely singer and yes, filking is fun. What did Gareth say? :-)

However, I'm now going to follow you because gardening is good too. I only have a balcony garden, but I love it.
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8/5/17 01:57 (UTC)
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It is indeed treasured. That would be Linda's friend Judith Proctor? I made her a copy of the CD, though she never replied after that. She got Linda to sing some of her filks.

As I've said - I like gardening, though I only have my balcony garden. Much to my surprise, I have a potato plant among all the jade plants. The pot is too small to enable me to actually harvest any potatoes - must get a big one - but it's nice to have the extra bit of greenery.

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10/5/17 09:40 (UTC)
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Great to hear you found the tape! I'd burn it to CD if I were you. It only needs to snap and boom! Memories gone. I never met Linda either. I did want to meet her when I visited England, but she lived on the border of Scotland and while I was willing to work out something, she was horribly sick at the time and just couldn't see anyone. And then, some years later, she passed away... :(

Yes, my potato plant has sprung back up! :) Time to fertilise...