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I planted them in early February, germinated them on my windowsill, and planted them out in the garden in March. Now, my 2017 cohort of F3 Golden Sweet x Bijou (GSxB) plants are pushing 30" high!

The F3 generation represents seven lines grown from seeds from different F2 plants; some had the coveted large yellow pods, some had smaller, fibreless, GS-like pods and others had large, green but fibreless B-like pods. I threw in seeds from one fibrous-podded plant to see what happened...

It's fairly easy to check whether pods will be green or yellow by checking the colour of the veins in the first set of folded leaves that protect the incipient buds; if the veins are green, so will be the pods. Veins with a yellow hue lighter than the leaf tissue will almost certainly be yellow. This allowed me to determine that the yellow-podded progenitors have handed their yellow-pod genes to their offspring, while the green podders have produced only 25% (2 of 6) yellow pods; a Mendelian ratio. No surprises there then!

Last year, I was surprised most of the F2 plans had fibrous pods; this year's surprise is the vigour of the plants. I planted the F3 seeds a week after the GS; the F3s have mostly grown more quickly and more vigorously than either of their parents. This 'hybrid vigour' is supposed to only occur in F1 plants, and this is the first sign of the trait I've noticed. I'm certainly not complaining though; wimpy plants was never an aim of this experiment!

There's a new pea-breeding experiment in my garden this year; I crossed the purple-podded mangetout variety Shiraz with GS. Shiraz pods are delicious but have a tendency to produce fibre as they age. They also tend to thicken in the manner of a sugar-snap pea, so I'm guessing one of its parents was a sugar-snap variety. i really think Thompson and Morgan could have produced a better mangetout if they'd been bothered!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what genetic diversity my cross has wrought, and seeing what breeding lines diverge from the F3 lines. There'll be pictures next time, I promise! :-)
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