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Every so often (about annually, it seems), I pop in here and check to see if LJ is still alive. I'm quite surprised it isn't totally moribund, but considering only one of my friends is still posting (Hi Judith!) I'm kind-of glad it's still here.. for now at least. The new TOS I signed on the way in gave me a fright - I thought for a moment perhaps Google had got its sticky fingers on our formerly-beloved web-journal platform!

Since I'm now using Linux on my desktop PC, I'll need a new posting client; I don't imagine Semagic will work under WINE; I'll have a mooch around the site in a bit.

Anyway, I'm still alive... creaking a bit more these days! I'm still gardening and playing Mendel, and I'm involved with a food waste reduction project. I'm not doing photography now, but I'm doing occasional graphic design work for the project. Things are kind-of cruising along in a so-so fashion; I've learnt to accept that as some kind of 'normal'... sort-of-like air pollution, Trump and global warming...

I'll take my leave now, I don't want to disturb too many ghosts here. Teleport now, Jenna! :-D
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