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It's been a good week for getting out into the garden, not only to watch a solar eclipse (Equinox day; March 20th). The morning started cloudy, with tiny breaks occurring here-and-there, but it looked for all the world as though I'd miss the celestial event. The clouds slowly cleared and by 9:00am, a thin, pale crescent of sun was shining through the clouds. The landscape darkened quite noticeably as the 89% peak approached. When watching the sun directly through the clouds became uncomfortable, I used my binoculars to project an image onto a sheet of white card. After the peak, the sky cleared almost completely as the moon slowly uncovered the sun, and by half-ten it was all over. There won't be another significant solar eclipse in the UK until 2026, although there's a very minor one (I think) in 2018, so I'm very glad the clouds obliged us this time!

On the same day I planted out my first batch of Bijou pea seedlings, which are about 8" tall now. The next day I buried some DesireƩ potatoes, including some of last year's crop that have sprouted some impressively long shoots in my larder. Then today, the Golden Sweet pea seedlings went in. The hopefully-hybrids will follow on Monday, though I'll be giving them their own, special area away from the parent varieties. I hope the wascally wabbit isn't still on the run; I haven't heard anything since had a note about it late last year. I'm sure I'll soon find out!

I've missed the garden this winter. Happy Equinox! Happy Spring!
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