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St. Valentine's Day 2015 saw the first, and hopefully not the last, Seedy Saturday Northampton. I was semi-involved with the planning and I designed the publicity poster which, for better or worse, used that particular day as a focal point. With a big, red heart placed right in the visual centre, its message was, "If you love gardening, come and see us".

Seedyposter small

That morning, I arrived to help the proper organisers prepare the venue. A pop-up café would be selling lunches, cakes, tea and coffee. The seed swap tables, arranged in a square at the back of the venue, were covered in the £1,000 of seed packets donated by large seed companies. There were also smaller quantities of home-grown seeds donated by amateur gardeners like me. My donations were packets of three varieties of tomato seeds and two varieties of peas. I picked up some runner beans called "Moonlight", some French beans called "Kingston Gold" and some Russian Yellow Plum tomatoes.

There was a nice community feel to the event. Around the seed tables, a small group of stallholders were selling various wares and promoting organisations.

I was in charge of the small theatre, where several short talks were to be given. My own talk was a short introduction to seed saving; it seemed to be well received - at least nobody threw any rotten tomatoes at me. I spent most of the event in there, emerging to chase speakers and shout - usually ineffectively - that a talk was about to begin.

The event seemed to work well; lots of people came and most of the seeds - including those I'd donated - were snapped up. The café, and donations for seeds, raised over £700 towards a more permanent pop-up café that will serve food diverted from landfill disposal. I'd had visions of the "nightmare scenario" in which nobody showed up, but all seems to bode well for next year's event, which I hope will be larger, but we'll see!
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