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Well that's another winter over and done with; this one was very stormy and wet, but surprisingly mild. Luckily there hasn't been any flooding or wind damage here; though i suppose I shouldn't count my chickens just yet!

Anyway things are getting going again at last! The rhubarb crowns are poking their heads above the earth and the garlic I planted last autumn is germinating nicely. There are snowdrops and crocusses in flower and the daffs and tulips are also making their presence known. The flowering currant cuttings I planted to complete my northern shelter belt seem to have survived the winter intact. Even the two Golden Sweet pea plants, which germinated late in the season, have survived the wind, rain and frost—though that shouldn't surprise me after their siblings survived last spring.

I've a few plans for this year's garden activity. Firstly, I plan to increase tomato production. To achieve this I'll need lots of plants and a suitable shelter; hopefully one better than last year's effort. Although it actually performed quite well, I'd like something more akin to a polytunnel but without the expense. I expect I'll lash something suitable together, but in the meantime I'm investigating suitable varieties. I came across a variety grown for Tesco called "Sweet Emerald", which stays green when it ripens. I was intruigued so i saved a few seeds to try out this summer. "Jen's Tangerine", a bright yellow-orange "small standard" from Realseeds.com will return; I found these did very well in my garden. The usual cherry and cherry-plum varieties are also becining mainstays of my production.

2013 tomato shelter

2013 tomatoes

Other crops I'm hoping to improve upon are potatoes and mangetout peas. My potato crop last year was lousy; the tubers were riddled with wireworm holes and scab; a few even succumbed to blight. Those were probably attributable to the hot, dry summer which I didn't complain about! The peas suffered from pea moth infestations and predations from the wascally wabbit! At least the second problem hasn't showed any signs of reappearing—yet!
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