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I promised I'd finally post some images of my garden - and here they are! I took these with my rubbish mobile phone camera since it's the only decent-ish digital camera of mine that works. But since I don't want to break your page or make you wait 3 hours for the pictures, you can click the thumbnails for larger images. It's not painful, really...

So this is the view from my bedroom window looking almost due east. First we can see the beautifully-manicured lawns tended each and every night by 300 elves from Fairyland. Would I lie to you?


From about the 9 o'clock position above the path is "Lawn", the first imaginitively-named veggie patch. At 10 o'clock we see the eucalyptus tree , and just beyond that is the grapevine.


At 11 o'clock, just right of the yellow forsythia and my compost bin is "Strawberry" with the garlic growing amongst the primroses and (gasp) strawberry plants! Just beyond the compost bin is the rhubarb. All along the back fence are the raspberry canes, and in the little dip is "Raspberry" patch.


At about 1 o'clock behind the plum tree are "Bonfire" and "Midsummer" patches. Behind these glass panes I'm growing mangetout peas; the glass has done an excellent job of sheltering the plants from the wind, frost and snow.



Between the plum and the lilac trees lies "West of the Plum Tree" patch. Somewhere under that Northamptonshire clay lies a bevvy of spuds waiting to sprout forth. On the left is the blackcurrant bush where I was found as a wee sprog. I know it's usually a gooseberry bush but I wanted to be different!

Then, more lawn, the lovely flowering currant and not-so-lovely holly tree.


So if you've ever lain awake at 3 am wondering what my garden looks like—now you know! See I told you it wasn't painful!

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29/4/13 11:59 (UTC)
ext_15862: (Judith)
Posted by [identity profile] watervole.livejournal.com
I wish my garden was that large...

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29/4/13 21:24 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] raspberryfool.livejournal.com
Yes I'm very lucky to have a large garden (approx. 30ft x 80 ft) and to back straight onto a large allotment. The downside is that it takes a lot of maintenance most of the year and there's almost always something that needs doing. Still, it keeps me out of trouble... :-D

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