raspberryfool: (Gardening)
After the successes of previous years, I decided that my tomato shelter—which is intended to keep my plants dry—should be a little more ambitious this year. I'd love a permanent greenhouse or polytunnel, but there's a downside to its permanence. I rotate my crops between the garden beds, hoping to avoid (or at least minimise) disease and pest problems, so a fixed structure didn't seem appropriate for me. My tightwad personality also won't easily allow me to spend upwards of £100 on something that won't make me a penny in cash and only a modest saving in produce. So I decided to build my own! Cut for length, images and boringness! )

It may look like a dog's breakfast but it seems to work well. This morning the temperature inside was 25c; outside it was 17c. My plan is to put tomato plants directly into the soil, where they'll hopefully stay dry and blight-free all summer. My friend Alan named it the Wendy House; I think that's rather fitting so the WendyHaus it is! I'm still waiting for a force ten to rip it all up and wrap it around my neighbour's satellite dish!