raspberryfool: (Gardening)
On Saturday last, whilst looking through my kitchen window, I saw a rabbit sitting in the garden. I went out to look closer; it didn't run off as soon as it saw me, but waited until I was about 4 feet away, which told me it was somebody's pet. It couldn't get past my southern neighbour's fence and it couldn't get out into the allotments. Hoping it would find its own way home, I went about my business until late afternoon.

But it was still there, munching away happily on my grass, so I knocked on a few doors. A woman seven doors down turned out to be the owner; she'd bought it in November as a "house rabbit", but it wrecked her house so she built it a run in the garden – obviously not very successfully. She came up to my garden but neither of us could catch the bloody thing; apparently it's called "Binky" – I'd run away if somebody called me that! That night I was chatting over the fence to an allotment holder who has killed thousands of rabbits; he saw it and said it was a wild rabbit. However it probably wouldn't survive for very long in the wild.

By Sunday, it had found my growing pea plants and was munching away on them. There's not much I can do about this apart from shooing it off. The allotment holder said he'd lend me a live trap but hasn't, so I erected a barrier around part of the "Midsummer" plot from glass and boards which seems to work. I was hoping that without access to the peas it would get bored or hungry and go elsewhere but it got to work on my strawberry plants. I can't keep it off the strawberries because the plot is too large and I don't have anything to surround it with. So I took to shooing it off – where's Elmer Fudd when you need him?

Yesterday it was still around. Clearly frustrated by the lack of pea access it had somehow got through the southern neighbour's fence and was busy exploring their garden. I couldn't block up the access to my garden because they have a dog, which is usually let out each evening. As it happens I was cutting the lawn when their French door opened. A few minutes later, the rabbit came shooting through a tiny gap in the fence, straight across my garden and under the hedge! I'd never seen it move so quickly, even when I shooed it off. I didn't see it today so hopefully it's found its way home and learnt that it's better off there! However I'm not taking any chances; the pea fence will remain for a while at least. Now if only it could be taught to eat dandelions, slugs and snails...